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Soda Green
me in cartoon form
I went to Soda Green's concert yesterday. It was their second time performing in Singapore and I was really disappointed that I couldn't go to their first concert then.

How should I put this into words...?

Some things are indescribable. Some things when confined to words, loses its luster and becomes dull; this is how... emotional I felt when I heard 青峰 sang. To top it off, it was live. LIVE!

And it was then, when I heard him sing, it was then, that I realised,

"Ah. So this is how it is like, when a singer pours his heart into the song as he sings."

So many soulless singers, singing so many soulless songs... 青峰 wasn't like that at all. You could tell that he really loves to sing, and the conviction, his belief, his emotions, if only you could hear him. Hear him live.

Cookie for me: They came down from the stage and as one of the guitarists (阿福) walked past my aisle, he walked over to me and gave me a high-five. A real high-five. But I was so surprised that he jumped over so fast that I was still holding the light in my right hand as our palms hit. I guess it was because I was smiling so happily at him. *embarrassed*

The highlight of the concert?

When I heard him singing this. My mind got blown away and I teared.


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