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faux pas
I don't even know how to pronounce this correctly.

Just the other day, my husband and I were getting ready to do some grocery shopping. We opened our door and saw our neighbour (across our door) coming out too. They were all decked out in nice clothes which were definitely nicer and smarter than their usual attire. Not saying anything at all, seeing how I look like shit all the time. I just want to say, they look nice. My neighbour is an Indian family, and they have a daughter and a son, and the little boy of 5 years old is the one of the cutest little people I've ever seen.

So me being the friendly me, decided to make some light conversation as we walked to the lift and waited for the doors to open.

Me: Hi! Where are you guys going?
Indian Dad: Oh, we're going to the church.
Me: Church?
Dad: Um, yes, for prayers.
Me: Indian church?
Dad: (pause with stern look) Yes, a church. Ismaili church.

Yes, I know. That was one serious faux pas. I wasn't being mean or sarcastic or even racist at all. It's just that I hardly see Indians in churches, and I thought perhaps he wanted to say 'Indian temple' but was worried that I might not know, and so in order to facilitate the conversation used 'church' instead. And while I was trying to understand whether he understood what I was perplexed about... and this whole mental gymnast thing occupied 90% of my brain power (not a lot, I know) and I ended up, actually, asking him, "Indian church?"

Gosh. My husband shot me a look that said 'you betta shuddup now' and I promptly switched my focus to his adorable little boy. I wanted to apologise for my mistake by sending some of the yummy pecan tarts I made but my husband advised against it. I googled up Ismailism and it seems that it's a branch of Islamism. So it's not a church, it's more like a mosque.. in simpler words for a Singaporean for me to understand: Indian muslims.

Do you think perhaps I should make some nice desserts for the kids...? I feel bad. I'll make sure my utensils are clean and contains no gelatin or pork or raw blood.


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