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shining lemon
Sometimes, just sometimes, I want to be positive and tell myself that, yes, people can be kind and nice and polite and considerate......

Most of the time, this notion get swatted away as instantly and automatically as a fly comes into my field of vision.

Human beings, are just not like that, for who knows? 90% of the time?

Sometimes I wish people would be more upfront and honest with me rather than beating around the bush until the bush catches fire and I smell the smoke...... oh, wait, is the smoke supposed to be a smoke screen? *inserts sarcastic laughter*

I don't think I ever want to lend a helping hand or listening ear to anyone who's not my friend; not looking for compensations but sometimes, a 'thanks' doesn't even come. I've been taken for granted and made use of for so many times that I've lost count.

Back to reading then.


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